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A DH in the NL? The Phanatic for Trout? The Phillies are driving us crazy!

I have defended Kyle Kendrick many times in the past for being a serviceable pitcher in the starting rotation for the Phillies, but I have finally come to the conclusion many of you have had for some time. This has to be the end of the line for him in Philadelphia. A free agent at the end of the 2014 season, the Phillies simply need to move on from Kendrick as a middle-of-the-rotation arm and develop a new contributor through the farm system or bring in a free agent in the offseason. Kendrick, who wasted little time losing a 2-0 lead in the first inning last night and told reporters it is not his job to do anything at the plate in a critical situation, simply has to go.

Kyle Kendrick lost another game Wednesday. Photo: USA Today Sports

Kyle Kendrick lost another game Wednesday. Photo: USA Today Sports

For a while now having Kendrick on the roster was an unpopular one with fans, but considering all of the options on the table given the roster management under general manager Ruben Amaro, Kendrick was always a somewhat safe bet and unlikely decent piece in the jigsaw puzzle that was the starting rotation. The Phillies could not have brought in another pitcher through free agency worth investing in and the farm system lacked major-league ready options to fill the back end of the rotation. Kendrick was decent enough to generally give the Phillies some innings and a chance to win, but never a pitcher who would be consistent with results. As the team took a lump in Miami Wednesday night to the score of 14-5, the Phillies dropped to 20-23.  They are now 40-45 under manager Ryne Sandberg dating back to when he took over as interim manager last summer. Coming up on 100 games under Rhyno, the Phillies have yet to improve despite having much of the same roster and it is driving fans crazy.

This morning I woke up to The Good Phight saying it is time for the designated hitter in the National League, a point needed to be made after Kendrick’s frustrating evening. A designated hitter in the National League has long been a sour subject for most purists, myself included. However, the stance to keep the DH out of the NL is probably weakening and rightfully so. Perhaps the time has come for baseball to evolve and see both leagues play by the same rules. Afterall, the AFC and NFC play by the same rules in the NFL and we do not see the Western Conference play by ABA rules while the Eastern Conference plays by NBA rules in basketball. The goalie creases in the NHL are the same in both conferences. So why should baseball continue to play by a different set of rules? The DH in the National League is something I may want to be painfully forced into the game against my will, but I would accept it once it becomes the norm.

Then the WIP Morning Show posted a question on Twitter asking if fans would trade the Phillie Phanatic for Mike Trout, because that makes sense…

I do not listen to the show, but I imagine the question is more about comparing the show on the field with the sideshow off of it. If that is the case, then it is pretty obvious that fans will be more likely to fill Citizens Bank Park to see a winning team. Even before this season (and last) there were years of evidence to support that idea.

We love the Phanatic, but we need a team worth watching before we are all sent to the loony bin.

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