LOLMets: Josh Thole gets played by Jimmy Rollins

With the Phillies down 3-0 early in the game, Jimmy Rollins decided to think outside the box for an out. Enter Josh Thole, catcher for the New York Mets.

Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey was looking for a sacrifice bunt to move Thole up to second. The bunt was laid down fine enough to move Thole to second, but on his way to the base the Phillies shortstop put his hand out, looking as if to say the ball was foul. Hey, maybe Jimmy DID think the ball was foul, but video shows that Rollins motioned to Cliff Lee to throw the ball because Thole was on his way back to first without calling a timeout. Remember, Thole seemed to be under the impression the play was dead due to a foul ball.

Rollins received the lob pass from Lee, and then fired to first, where rookie second baseman Freddy Galvis made the tag on Thole for the third and final out.

Here is a walk-through of the play as it developed, using grainy screenshots from the replay on….

It starts with R.A. Dickey grounding out with a bunt attempt. Here Jim Thome is applying the tag along the first base line. In the first image you can see Jimmy Rollins with his right arm slightly elevated. The angle provided by Deadspin shows Rollins looking as though he was holding up his arm for Thole. In the second image, Thole is seen slowing down his momentum as Thome makes the tag.



Now Thome glances at second, to make sure everything is good, and then he will toss the baseball to Lee.


Thole starts to jog back to first base, thinking the ball was foul.


As Thole moves back to first base, Jimmy Rollins signals to Cliff Lee for the ball…


At this point Thole is unaware of what is developing behind his back…


… but he glances back once he sees Lee make a move toward second…


As Lee throws the ball Thole realizes something isn’t right and begins running back to first to slide to safety…


… but Freddy Galvis makes the tag on Thole to end the inning…


Cliff Lee got a kick out of it, and pointed to Rollins for getting it started…


So did Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels…


The Mets are currently holding the upper hand though, leading the Phillies 4-1 in the eighth inning. Freddy Galvis represents the lone Phillies run to this point, lining his first career home run to right field, and being given the silent treatment in the dugout afterward.

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