LEGO Roy Halladay? LEGO (rip-off) Roy Halladay

The inner-LEGO nerd in me finds this to be a fascinating new item, now available in the Majestic Clubhouse Store. Now you can field an entire team of Phillies with your old (or current?) LEGO collection with the new collection from OYO Sports Toys.

OYO Philadelphia Phillies Roy Halladay

That’s right, for $12.99 each you can build and assemble your very own Phillies roster, complete with bendable knees (unlike standard LEGO mini figures), glove and team cap.  Here’s a look at the full assortment of Phillies players, complete with personalized looks…

It would have been clutch to see Carlos Ruiz come with catching gear, or Ryan Howard with a boot, or Jimmy Rollins with a slight gap in his gril, but as a long time LEGO fan who remembers when every single character came with the same yellow smiley face, this is still pretty cool. Pricey, but cool. I know I want the whole set.

It also would have been neat to mix and match players from other teams, but with individual names on the back of the jerseys it becomes nearly impossible to trade Robinson Cano to your personal Phillies team. OYO is also getting a long-term grip on this market too, by including frsh faces such as Bryce Harper, less than a week in to his major league career.

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